Rockdale Elementary School

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Dismissal Procedures

At each of our dismissal spots, we have had problems with parents parking their cars across the street, crossing through traffic to retrieve their child, and then walking the child back through ongoing traffic to go back to the car.  This is a safety concern for us as we try to make sure not only our students are safe, but also our teachers, staff, and parents.  Walkers are considered any student that walks home, or any child who is not picked up by a parent driving through the car line that a teacher escorts directly to their car.  We are taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of everyone.
Walkers will be dismissed after car riders have been picked up.  We encourage your cooperation as the end goal is to ensure the safety through this procedure. Please know that the car dismissal lines will run much faster as the year gets into full swing, but we ask for your patience as it is our responsibility to ensure the safety of all concerned.  
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