Tiger Tales


Updates on Instruction:



It was so good to see you all during the parade! We miss those smiling, happy faces! I think it helped us all to have something uplifting during this time. Thank you so much for all that you have done over the last few weeks to partner with us in educating our kids. We appreciate your willingness to help and to reach out to the teachers when you have questions. All previous choice boards are due Friday, May 1st. You may turn them in at the front of the elementary in our blue drop off container. We will have our next round of choice boards posted next week. This will be our final choice board for the year. Included in the boards are various activities and skills that your children need to know to be ready for the next grade level. Please continue to check your child's Seesaw and email or message your teachers if you have questions.


Upcoming Events:

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Supplies and Belongings Return

Your child's teachers will clean out your child's desk and gather any supplies and belongings at that time. They will put them all in a bag and label them with the child's name. On May 19th, from 12-6 we will have you drive through at the front of the school, stay in your cars, and we will have teachers and aides go into the school to retrieve your child's belongings. Please follow the following schedule since we have close to 400 students that we will be seeing this day.


12:00-1:00 Students with last names A-E

1:00-2:00 Students with last names F-J

2:00-3:00 Students with last names K-0

3:00-4:00 Students with last names P-T

4:00-5:00 Students with last names U-Z

5:00-6:00 Students who were unable to attend at the above listed times.


Also during this time, you are asked to return anything that your child has that is property of RES. Library books, personal teacher books, guided reading books, etc. are the most common things that your child may have. Please go through your child's backpack and see if anything needs to be returned, and you may do so at the above mentioned times. If your children have different last names, then we will go with the youngest child's last name. You will be able to gather supplies for all of your children at once rather than coming back for the different last names.

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Virtual Awards

Our Awards Ceremonies will look a little different this year. We are going to have a virtual awards slide show that will be posted on Facebook and later added to our webpage. The awards will be posted on May 18th, at the following times:







The actual physical awards will be returned to your child with their belongings on May 19th.

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Virtual Class Meetings

Each teacher has set up weekly virtual class meetings. We encourage you to attend so that your child can connect with their friends and their teachers during this time. These meetings can be done through the phone or through your device. Sometimes the teachers will do a mini lesson, scavenger hunt, show-and-tell, or even read books to their class during this time. Please contact your teacher for details on the next meeting! They are a lot of fun for the kids.
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PreK and Kindergarten Round Up

Please make sure that you check our website for links to fill out the PreK and Kindergarten Enrollment forms online. This is for new students only. If your child is currently attending PreK, then you do not have to re-enroll them. The link is below.






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Summer School

We are currently working on plans for our Virtual Summer School. We will base our summer school list off of students that were receiving interventions throughout the year, along with students who have not completed all of their requirements for advancing to the next grade level, or those that may need extra help in order to be successful for the upcoming year. Once those plans are finalized, we will contact you if your child is required to attend.